About us

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH CENTER FOR BIOMEDICINE (SRCB) is a division of the University of Niš Faculty of Medicine, dedicated to research work and health care activity.

In the Center, fundamental, applied, and developmental research is performed, as well as research in the areas of education and teaching, research training of the staff, teaching within doctoral, specialist, and integrated studies, as well as health care services.

SRCB is composed of teachers, researchers, associates, and other employees engaged directly in biomedical and interdisciplinary research and other activities of the Center.

SRCB comprises the following:

  • Laboratory for electron microscopy
  • Laboratory for functional genomics and proteomics
  • Division for cell and tissue engineering
  • Chromatography laboratory
  • Laboratory for experimental pathology and immunology
  • Department of experimental medicine
  • Laboratory for medical diagnosis
  • Vivarium

SRCB can establish other laboratories as well, reflecting biomedical research development at the Faculty of Medicine.

Organization, mode of work and management of the SRCB is regulated via a special document adopted by the Assembly for Education and Science of the Faculty.

SRCB, as it is organized today, was formed back in 2010 as a continuum of the “Institute for Biomedical Research” formed in 1990 at the Faculty.

Head of the SRCB:

Full Professor Stevo Najman (;