About us

The Vivarium is a department of the SRCB the role of which is to provide experimental research work on experimental animals at the Faculty of Medicine, abiding by the principles of lab animal welfare. The Vivarium is capable of providing experimental animals to satisfy the demand of the educational process at undergraduate, master, integrated, doctoral, and specialist studies organized at the Faculty of Medicine and other faculties of the University of Nish, as well as for continued education, abiding strictly by the ethical norms regulating the use of experimental animals.

Responsible person

Vesna Krstić (

Animal resources

The Vivarium provides the animals from its own production and breeding, as well as the animals purchased from other institutions.

The Vivarium has got its own production and breeding of rats, mice, and rabbits.

  • rats: outbred rat breeds Wistar and Sprague Dolley.
  • mice: inbred breeds BALB/c and C57BL
  • rabbits: gray chinchila

The Vivarium also provides short-term housing for animals of similar and different breeds and races purchased from other institutions for predefined, specific uses in research and/or education.


Facilities and equipment

  • Facilities for rat and mice reproduction
  • Facilities for the breeding of rabbits
  • Facilities for animals in an experiment at the moment
  • Facilities for food and bedding
  • Facilities for washing and sterilization
  • Storage space
  • Waste disposal facility
  • Cages with wire covers



  • Dr vet. Zoran Cvetkovic, specialist vet surgeon
  • Professional nurse spec. Vesna Krstic, expert associate
  • 2 keepers of experimental animals